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Krav Maga For Adults

Krav Maga For Adults

Krav Maga is for everyone regardless of age, gender or physical abilities. The techniques are an enhancement of our body’s natural reflexes to defend ourselves. It is easy to learn and retain.

Krav Maga is divided into 3 main pillars: self defence, combat and fighting skills, VIP and third party protection. It is a modern, practical and realistic system that teaches how to avoid, prevent, deter and deal with all types of violent confrontation. Krav Maga was initially developed as an unarmed combat system by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or). Imi’s successor Eyal Yanilov has since adapted the system to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement officers and security personnel worldwide. Krav Maga Global is widely recognized as the world’s most comprehensive reality based self defense system to date.

The three Pillars of Krav Maga Global (KMG) are : Self-Defense ; Fighting and Combat; 3rd Party and VIP Protection.
The goals and aims in each are different.

  • In self-defense we aim to avoid violet confrontation. De-escalate, prevent and minimize chances of getting into violent conflict
  • In combat and fighting, we aim to cause maximum damage to the assailant/enemy in the minimum time, while sustaining minimum harm
  • In 3rd Party and VIP protection, we get into the line of danger in order to save another person. It could be a family member, friend or someone we are assigned to protect

Krav Maga techniques and principles are taught in scenarios that are as realistic as possible. It enables you to cope with all types of conflicts and violent encounters in different environments and situations, and teaches you how to deal with them when you’re at a disadvantage.

Krav Maga For Adults

Krav Maga also enables personal growth from both a physical and mental standpoint. It enhances and improves the physical and mental abilities to make sound decisions in stressful, fluid and fast moving situations. It can also teach you how to cope with the demanding lifestyles that we have today.

Krav Maga techniques and principles are taught in scenarios that are as realistic as possible. It enables you to cope with all types of conflicts and violent encounters in different environments and situations, and teaches you how to deal with them when you’re at a disadvantage.


Different people have different reasons for starting with Krav Maga, and here at KMG we believe that any person should be able to do self-defense according to his or her physical ability, but at the same time each individual should push themselves past their comfort zone. Therefore, you do not have to be in good shape or fit when you start training Krav Maga. Even though Krav Maga is a self-defense system, it is also important to have better physical fitness, including strength and stamina to further help your abilities to deal with physical threats and conflicts. So, Krav Maga the way we do it is good for your overall fitness, fighting stamina, and core strength. KMG training is enhancing your mental strength; ability to focus; and develop your decision making process under stressful conditions. KMG as an organization gives you a framework and a “family” of people like you, one you will appreciate to belong to. There is no need for prior martial arts knowledge. Our classes are conducted in an environment where everyone once was a beginner and the unique atmosphere and comradery that our students experience and develop is surpassed by none. The accelerated learning process benefits any student to learn and adapt a new defensive skill within minutes of first seeing the technique. Our lessons range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes for a regular class and of course varies somewhat. KMG and its founder, Eyal Yanilov, has been the leading force behind the development of Krav Maga and its curriculum. We believe that any self-defense system needs to develop according to the threats that presents themselves at any given time. KMG also includes curriculum for 3rd part and VIP Protection, Fighting Skills and Tactics. Together with self-defense, these are the three pillars of the system.


A regular lesson consists of preparation where we do general and specific warm-up so the student (body and mind) is prepared for the session. We then do movements that may have been taught prior or even do a functional game that is related to the goals of the session, much like an analogy. Then the session goes over to the stage of teaching a new technique or repeating a previously learned technique, which almost always ends with summary drills, simulation of realistic conditions, stretching and information about next session. All in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


certificatesKMG grants its students relevant certification diplomas for Practitioner, Graduate, Expert and Master levels. In addition we grant three kinds of instructor diplomas: Civilian Instructor; Military Instructor; and Law Enforcement Instructor. For each sector, we offer several different specific sector-related courses. For examples, in the civilian sector we offer: the General Instructors Course (GIC); the Combat and Fighting Instructors Course (CFIC); the Kids and Teens Instructors Course; and more. For the Law-Enforcement sector we offer L-E Instructor, Advanced L-E Instructor, SWAT Instructor, VIP Protection (CPP) Instructor, Air-Marshal Instructor and more. We also award Fighter and Warrior diplomas upon the successful completion of our Fighter and Warrior courses. These training programs are primarily geared toward the governmental law enforcement, military, security and VIP protection sectors.

Click here to view the diplomas awarded to graduates of the various KMG training programs, and the patches awarded upon completion of the various training levels.



all-kmg-patches-171x250KMG award students ranks represented by patches that indicate their current level. Our curriculum is structured into five Practitioner levels, five Graduate levels and five Expert levels. Each level has a specific syllabus and requirements. In addition, there are three Master levels (Imi granted up to Master 3 / Expert 8). Specific requirements, but no curriculum, were associated with these levels.

Climbing from one level to the next in the Practitioner and Graduate levels takes about half a year of consistent training. It takes between one to four years to pass from one Expert level to the next.



downloadThe KMG Passport is a booklet, a log-book, in which your training information is documented: when you received your Passport, in which club you are training, which courses and qualifications you past, different seminars and workshops you took and your current grade. Each Passport is awarded a unique identification number according to the location and date it was issued.


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